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  • “I retained Mr. Anthony to help me get my driver’s license back after having been given a habitual traffic offender status. He worked with me through the entire process. He broke the process down into three easy steps. First, he reviewed my entire driving record and told me what tickets/fines I s…

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  • “I was charged with an offense I did not commit. The public defender tried to convince me to plead guilty. I thought I was going to have a criminal record. Malcolm believed in me. Took time on my case and the charges were dropped! If you need help Malcolm is a great attorney. I recommend him to e…

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  • “I was arrested for DUI after the players in May 2012 and Malcolm has worked with me for over a year to get this case resolved. I had a road side test, I admitted I was drinking and I blew. I was going to throw in the towel but God must have been with me in the jail house courtroom that day as th…

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  • “I have used Malcolm Anthony twice in the last 8 years and in both cases, I was very pleased with the outcome. Both situations were DUI arrest and both cases were dropped to reckless, a much better situation. he picks apart the case and pays attention to all the details – which makes a big differ…

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