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With almost 40 years of experience, I have seen a wide range of cases and accumulated an extensive wealth of knowledge in criminal law. I have a high rate of success in criminal cases, specifically DUIs and license offenses, and have served my clients well by establishing good relationships with St. Johns and Duval county law enforcement agencies and earned the respect of the prosecuting agencies and judiciaries. I value the constitution and all the freedoms it protects, and I want to aggressively fight to preserve your rights and ensure a favorable outcome. Since actions speak much louder than words, let the results below speak for themselves. Please take the time to read the case results below and contact my firm for assistance with your case.

  • Unlawful Sale of Alcohol to Minor Dismissed on Jurisdiction - Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Our client, an employee at the Kangaroo Store on Racetrack Rd., was arrested by agents of the Florida Div. of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco for selling beer to a minor. She was prosecuted in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida because the agents believed their jurisdiction is statewide. It is, ... Read On

  • License Issues Cleared Up; Avoided Criminal Charges - Criminal Traffic Violations

    Client contacted us because his drivers license was suspended from several tickets in Jacksonville, Miami-Dade County, and in Illinois. We reviewed his driving record and were able to clear up the issues in Illinois and Miami-Dade. We filed motions in the Jacksonville civil ticket cases as well a... Read On

  • HTO Status Removed and New License Obtained - Criminal Traffic Violations

    Client retained our services to help remove a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) status and assist him in obtaining a new driver license. We broke the process down into three (3) easy steps for the client. First, we reviewed his driving record. Upon review, we realized that he had several “failure t... Read On

  • Two DUI Pleas Set Aside, Charges Reduced - DUI

    Two different clients pled guilty to DUI charges at their first appearance hearings in jail, were sentenced and placed on probation. During probation, they each contacted us. We filed motions to overturn their pleas. We were successful in getting their guilty pleas overturned after investigating ... Read On

  • Car hits Train; DUI with Damage reduced to Reckless Driving; No Conviction! - DUI

    Client allegedly ran car through a lowered cross bar and slammed into the last car of a moving train late at night in San Marco. The car was essentially demolished. The deputy that arrived spoke with client after paramedics were finished with him. He smelled alcohol on the driver's breath who was... Read On

  • DUI Dropped, College Career Saved - DUI

    Client was sleeping in his car at the Castillo De San Marcos fort parking lot in St. Augustine. His engine was revving. Police knocked on his window and got him out of the vehicle. He was highly intoxicated. He was a foreign student in college locally on a sports scholarship. We showed the police... Read On

  • Arrest Warrant Withdrawn, Charges Dropped - Criminal Traffic Violations

    This client came to us less than a week before his scheduled honeymoon cruise. He had received a letter that a warrant had been issued to arrest him because he failed to appear on a Driving While License Suspended (Knowingly) charge. I informed him that the authorities would arrest him as he emba... Read On

  • Burglary Charges reduced to Trespass - Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Client was arrested in Nevada and extradited to Florida for home burglary charges based on DNA evidence found at the scene. The home had been entered via a back door during last year's hurricane Irma. Nothing was taken except the TVs appeared as if the burglar tried to remove them from the wall. ... Read On

  • DUI Dropped, New Career Saved - DUI

    Client, a recent college graduate eager to start his new career, was pulled over for speeding. The Deputy claimed to smell the odor of alcohol on our client's breath, that our client had bloodshot and watery eyes and that his speech was slurred. He was asked to step out of the vehicle so that the... Read On

  • Sexual Assault Charges Dropped - Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Client was visited by detectives because a young female claimed he had had sexual relations with her. She alleged he set up the rendezvous via texting her and e-messaging her. We refused an interview with the detectives. We refused to turn over his phone without a warrant. The detectives could no... Read On

  • DUI Reduced after 9 years of Litigation - DUI

    Client was pulled over in Jacksonville Beach in 2003 and was arrested for DUI. The stop and DUI investigation were on video. The State qualified their arresting officer as an expert in Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and the case was set for trial several times during its eight year life. This client p... Read On

  • DUI reduced to Reckless Driving - DUI

    Client was stopped for going over 100 mph on Atlantic Blvd. over the Intracoastal bridge from Jacksonville to Atlantic Beach. He admitted to several alcohol drinks and was arrested for DUI. After months of litigation, although the State's case was solid, we showed that our client hadn't been in t... Read On

  • DUI with Traffic Crash Dismissed on Speedy Trial Grounds - DUI

    Client was involved in a traffic crash in June, 2011 and was taken to a hospital. A law enforcement officer requested he provide a blood draw to which he kindly refused. An arrest warrant was issued and client was arrested on September 12, 2011 in St. Johns County for DUI, DUI with Damage and Cri... Read On

  • DUI Charges Dropped - DUI

    Client went to his car to get his medications and fell asleep in his driveway. Officers arrived and found him under the influence of his medications and arrested him for DUI. During the hearing to prevent his license suspension the client confided that the key he used to enter his vehicle is only... Read On

  • DUI Reduced - DUI

    Our client was pulled over as a result of his girlfriend honking the horn at an off-duty JSO officer jogging along the side of the road because she thought she knew him. After the officer ran home, armed himself, got into is patrol car and returned to the intersection where our client was last se... Read On

  • Violation of Probation Charges Dismissed - Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Client was charged with violating probation for not appearing for probation appointments. Client lives several hours away and an arrest capias was in the system. She would be arrested and transported to the county where the capias was issued costing her several days in jail. We showed the State s... Read On

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