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With almost 40 years of experience, I have seen a wide range of cases and accumulated an extensive wealth of knowledge in criminal law. I have a high rate of success in criminal cases, specifically DUIs and license offenses, and have served my clients well by establishing good relationships with St. Johns and Duval county law enforcement agencies and earned the respect of the prosecuting agencies and judiciaries. I value the constitution and all the freedoms it protects, and I want to aggressively fight to preserve your rights and ensure a favorable outcome. Since actions speak much louder than words, let the results below speak for themselves. Please take the time to read the case results below and contact my firm for assistance with your case.

  • HUNG JURY on first trial NOT GUILTY in second trial - DUI

    Our client's driving was horrible. She almost struck a wall on JTB. The officer following her stopped her. She was crying. She performed field sobriety exercises. Her performance was neither good nor bad. She was arrested. All was captured on video. She refused a breath test. At trial she testifi... Read On

  • Not Guilty - DUI

    Our client was driving in Jax Beach and ran a stop sign. He was stopped and performed field sobriety exercises for the officer and was arrested and refused a breath test. A jury was selected. At trial, we focused on the officer's lack of memory of details of our client's field sobriety exercises.... Read On

  • DUI Reduced - DUI

    Our client was pulled over because the registration on his vehicle had expired 4 days earlier. The police claimed to smell alcohol on his breath and required him to complete field sobriety tests. Review of the dashboard camera video showed that our client performed exceptionally well on the tests... Read On


    Client was prosecuted for DUI after being stopped for horrible driving and failing field sobriety tests. She refused a breath test. At trial, we called her friend and a T-Mobile records custodian as witnesses. Our trial theme was the client's "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day." She had l... Read On

  • DUI Reduced after 6 years; No Conviction - DUI

    Our wedding planner client was leaving one of her events when she was became aware she was beginning to feel impaired. She pulled over and stopped in the parking lot of an apartment complex. The Jacksonville Beach Police Dept. received a call from another driver giving them her car description as... Read On

  • DUI reduced to Reckless Driving - DUI Reduced

    I appeared in court recently on a DUI case. I had filed a motion to suppress all the evidence because I averred the stop was not constitutional. A Neptune Beach police officer stopped my client westbound on Atlantic Blvd., the dividing border between Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach. Westbound is... Read On

  • DUI with .128/.122 BAL Reduced and Conviction Avoided - DUI

    Our client was driving home and was stopped by Jacksonville Beach Police Dept. officer for allegedly “failing to use a turn signal.” As a result of her poor performance on field sobriety exercises, she was arrested and charged with a DUI. Her breath test results showed her breath alcohol level ab... Read On

  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident Case Dismissed - Criminal Traffic Violations

    Our client, a college bound high school student, was a lone driver who hit a tree on the way into his gated community. The car was disabled. The client walked to the security gate and got a ride home from him. The security guard called police. Wen they arrived, they cited my client with the crime... Read On

  • Driver flees scene; DUI reduced, No Conviction; Resisting Arrest charge dropped - DUI

    Client drove away from the scene of the stop of her vehicle when her boyfriend driver ran off after being stopped. Though she had had too much to drink and drive – the reason her boyfriend was driving – she moved to the driver's seat and drove two blocks to her house. While walking into her apart... Read On

  • DUI dropped after Successful Veteran’s Court diversion - DUI

    Our client was arrested for DUI after committing several traffic infractions at a high rate of speed. His breath alcohol level was well above the .08 limit at .25. A conviction would result in a 10 year driver's license suspension and a minimum of 30 days in jail. During our interview with him we... Read On

  • DUI Crash with High Blood Alcohol Level Reduced; No Conviction! - DUI

    Client was leaving a Jaguars game and was involved in a traffic crash in which he allegedly hit a parked trailer. He stopped to check the damage. Police arrived as he and his passenger were outside the car looking at the damage. The police arrested him for DUI and he blew three times the limit. B... Read On

  • Unlicensed Real Estate Broker Charges Dismissed - Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Client and his partner brokered a sale of a chain of 21 Papa John restaurants in Jacksonville through their Georgia restaurant sale/brokerage firm. Since the transaction included real estate in Florida and neither held a Florida real estate license, they were charged with unlicensed real estate b... Read On

  • Boating Under the Influence (BUI) Dropped after Appeal - BUI

    Our client was operating a vessel with several people on board near the Sisters Creek Marina and was stopped for violating a Manatee Wake Zone. He complied with the officer's request to display each required piece of safety equipment and was then taken ashore to do field sobriety exercises which ... Read On

  • Grand Theft charges Dropped - Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Our client owned a window blind company. He contracted for a job and was paid half the contract fee in advance. The "victim" called the police when the work was not performed timely. The detective obtained a warrant and arrested the client and the State Attorney's Office prosecuted him. He didn't... Read On

  • 5 Year Suspension Removed; License obtained; Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor - Criminal Traffic Violations

    Client came to us with an HTO (Habitual Traffic Offender) 5-year suspension and was charged with a new Felony Driving on a Suspended License charge. He was facing significant jail time in one county. First, we moved to Vacate and Set Aside the his previous conviction in another county which gave ... Read On

  • Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon Dropped - Domestic Violence

    Our client was accused of pointing a gun at the victim stating "i'm gonna blow your brains out." We discovered the victim had identified the gun and the State was about to file charges. We intervened and showed the State that the victim had been making unwanted sexual advances toward our client's... Read On

  • Third DUI Dropped; Significant Jail Time Avoided - DUI

    Client was arrested for her third DUI in less than two years. She was on probation for her second DUI. She was facing significant jail time. Client was standing at her car inside the open driver's door when police arrived because she had been fighting in the street with the girl who had been her ... Read On

  • Teacher charged with Unlawful Use of Computer to Lure a Child Not Convicted and Not Designated Sexual Offender with Reduced Char - Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Female schoolteacher client was accused of trying to lure a male student via computer instant messaging. Although inappropriate sexual banter, the messages were not explicit and did not "lure" the student. My client was an upstanding woman in her community going through a difficult time in her ma... Read On

  • DUI Crash with High Blood Alcohol Level Reduced; no conviction! - DUI

    Client alleged to crash her car into a tree. When paramedics arrived they took a blood sample. The police obtained an arrest warrant for DUI with enhanced blood alcohol level when the blood returned from the lab .236, almost three times the legal limit. Although the affidavit to obtain the warran... Read On

  • Battery and Aggravated Child Abuse charges Diverted and Dropped - Domestic Violence

    Our client had an argument with his wife and knocked a phone away from her; it struck their child. Unwisely the State charged our client with Battery and Aggravated Child Abuse. The State offered probation for a guilty plea. We refused. After months of showing the State the charge required "an in... Read On

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