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February 28, 2017
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March 7, 2017

Wrong-Way Accidents and DUI

Regardless of the alleged circumstances that surround your DUI arrest, you have the right to a zealous and passionate legal representation. If you are driving the wrong-way on the highway, found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and also are involved in an accident where someone is killed, you could be looking at serious, life altering criminal charges as was the case for two Florida men recently.

According to www.nbc-2.com, Brian Canfield of Fort Meyers, Florida ” was charged with DUI manslaughter (a second-degree felony) and possession (a third-degree felony) as he was positive for methamphetamine. He was also hit with vehicle homicide (a second-degree felony) and DUI property damage (a first-degree misdemeanor) charges. According to the report, Canfield was driving northbound in the southbound lanes when he hit the victim’s vehicle. The victim, Anne Shirley of Madeira Beach, died as a result of her injuries.”

In Jacksonville, Florida, 29-year-old William Rhrmann was sentenced to 7 years in prison to be followed by 7 years of probation in causing the death of 69-year old grandfather Wallace Beale. His driver’s license was also permanently revoked. He was found guilty of causing the wrong-way crash that resulted in Beale’s death. Source: http://www.news4jax.com/news/wrong-way-drunk-driver-sentenced-to-7-12-years-in-prison

According to www.local10.com, “in 2015, there was 1,490 wrong-way driving crashes in Florida, resulting in 1,454 injuries and 96 fatalities.” In order to lessen the number of accidents, serious injuries, and fatalities, drivers are urged to stay in the right lane after dark as most wrong-way auto accidents happen in the left or center lanes. Over 80% of wrong-way accidents are serious, high-speed, head-on crashes that result in serious injuries and death.

Why are there so many wrong-way traffic fatalities in the state of Florida and elsewhere? Is there something fundamentally wrong with the way our highways are constructed?

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