Police Misconduct and DUI Arrests

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March 7, 2017
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March 24, 2017

Police Misconduct and DUI Arrests

If you are charged with a DUI in Jacksonville Florida, you need to hire an attorney that focuses his practice on DUI defense. You need an attorney with the courage to bravely stand up to the police and prosecutors and provide you with a passionate and zealous legal representation. Police officers not only make mistakes but often commit crimes themselves. The body cameras that they wear can often be used as evidence against the police of their wrongdoing. Police officers are human beings and are susceptible to temptation like anyone else. It is critical to know that police officer misconduct happens every day and innocent people are charged with DUI in Florida and elsewhere. Just take a look at what a police officer did to a DUI suspect in neighboring Daytona Beach recently.

According to a report on www.nese4jax.com, Volusia County Deputy John Braman was caught stealing $100 bills from a person he had pulled over due to a suspected DUI. The officer, caught by evidence from his own body camera, subsequently admitted that he stole the money because he was going through a divorce.

When one officer is caught with committing a crime and negligence in arresting and charging a person with a DUI, convictions as a result of cases brought by that office in the past can be called into question. Prosecutors are currently sending letters to defense attorneys in over 800 cases that are tainted by the rogue cop’s criminal behavior. Charges were immediately dropped in 18 pending DUI cases.

When you are pulled over and arrested for DUI it is critical that the body camera evidence is examined by your Jacksonville defense attorney to ensure that your rights have not been violated. DUI arrests and fines are big business for the police and police officers frequently overstep their boundaries. If you have been arrested and charged with a Florida DUI, call DUI defense attorney Malcolm Anthony.

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