Jacksonville Police Officer Faces Serious DUI Charges

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August 21, 2017
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Jacksonville Police Officer Faces Serious DUI Charges

Off-duty Jacksonville police officer Carl Edwin Frederick has been arrested and charged with DUI after having been pulled over and registering a blood alcohol content BAC of over twice the legal limit of .08. Frederick admitted to police officers at the scene that he was a “7 out of 10” for impairment. Incriminating factors that led police to suspect Frederick had been drinking were observing blood shot eyes, and more importantly, an open container of alcohol on the front seat of his vehicle. The police were notified of a vehicle driving recklessly veering right and left and jerking back onto the correct lane, indicative of one who is falling asleep and then catch themselves before going off of the road. Jacksonville police issued a statement condemning the actions of one of its employees and assured the public that one of their employees would be held accountable for his actions just as anyone in the public would be.

Penalties for Florida DUI are graduated based on the number of prior DUI conviction and the level of alcohol illegally in the bloodstream. Penalties for being convicted of having a BAC of .184, the level Frederick registered, is the same as a DUI with a minor in the car. Even first-time offenders face fines of up to $1000, up to 9 months in county jail, and vehicle impounded for 10-30 days. Also, the first-time DUI offender must serve 50 hours of community service, one-year probation, and required to install an ignition interlock device on all vehicles under their control and at their expense.

Frederick has been reassigned to a desk job pending the outcome of the investigation.


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