Highest Number of DUI’s Occur Near The Beach

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February 7, 2017
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February 17, 2017

Highest Number of DUI’s Occur Near The Beach

Everyone knows that it is important to never drink and drive. Many lives have been destroyed or lost entirely because a person had a few too many and got behind the wheel of an automobile. Never drinking and driving is widely practiced by the vast majority of our population but seems to be ignored by people who spend time at or near the ocean on the weekends. News4 Jacksonville recently conducted a study on where and when people were drinking and driving in our area.

What the investigative report found was that a great number of people have been getting pulled over and charged with DUI in close proximity to the beach. 223 drivers were charged with DUI on Atlantic Blvd., 168 on Beach Blvd., and many that made it through those two checkpoints were eventually pulled over on A1A which is the street parallel and one over from Beach Blvd. In fourth place is Philips Highway where police made 73 arrests, and 67 drivers were pulled over between Atlantic Boulevard and Mayport Road.

Most DUI arrests happen in the early hours of the morning hours following a Friday or a Saturday night. The number of arrests increase starting at around 3 pm and escalates as the midnight hour approaches. 11 pm until 2 am see the highest number of arrests by far.

The reason why the incidences of DUI are so high at or around the beach can be attributed mainly to a large number of establishments that serve alcohol at or near the beach. Almost every restaurant and hotel serves alcohol and people drink alcohol while boating, at an oceanside tiki bar, and also by bringing a cooler of beer to the beach.

It is important to make sure that if you have an outing planned that you also plan for a designated driver to make sure and get you home from the bar, restaurant or your day at the beach.

Source: http://www.news4jax.com/news/investigations/i-team-top-5-roads-where-dui-drivers-were-arrested

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