Gilberto Fontanez Gomez Faces DUI Manslaughter

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July 4, 2017
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July 18, 2017

Gilberto Fontanez Gomez Faces DUI Manslaughter

When you are driving an automobile you have the potential to cause bodily harm and death to others. That is the primary reason that law enforcement officers take drunk driving so seriously as they view their job as that of saving lives. Along those lines, we know that the police often overstep their authority or cut corners and many innocent individuals are caught in their net of over-zealous law enforcement. Penalties for causing injury or death to others when convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be long prison terms and large fines.

The other day, Gilberto Fontanez Gomez, 58, from Jacksonville Florida was accused of being at fault in a fatal crash that occured last April involving the death of bicyclist Jon Robert Baranoski. Gomez is accused of having a blood-alcohol content of .28, more than three times the legal limit when his Chevy Silverado veered into the cyclist’s lane hitting Baranoski. According to, Gomez is charged with “DUI manslaughter, DUI with property damage, open container and/or consumption of alcohol, seat belt violation, failure to use the designated lane, attaching a tag not assigned and operating a vehicle without a driver’s license and causing a death.” If convicted on the most serious charge of DUI manslaughter, Gomez faces a felony charge, a minimum mandatory prison term of 4 years which can be extended to up to 15 years depending on other circumstances such as previous DUI’s and the level of BAC.

If you are arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter your freedom and your very life is at risk. You should remain silent and have your Florida DUI manslaughter attorney do the talking to you as getting the charges against you dismissed or if convicted, having your prison sentence negotiated to a minimum can be your best alternatives.


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