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June 26, 2015
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Florida 18-Wheeler DUI Penalties

If you drive for a living, you are probably aware of the strict rules that govern commercial vehicle operators. Because of their massive size, an 18-wheeler accident can cause much greater damages, injuries, and deaths than an ordinary automobile. A fully-loaded 18-wheeler can weigh up to 80,000 lbs., or approximately 15 times as much as the average automobile and when an accident occurs many motor vehicles are usually involved causing one or more fatality.

Commercial drivers are subject to random alcohol and drug testing and are not permitted to have a blood alcohol content, BAC, that exceeds .04. They can not have had a drink within 4 hours of being pulled over and checked. If an 18-wheeler has been in an accident and cited for a violation, he/she will be automatically subject to a mandatory drug and alcohol test. A commercial vehicle driver returning from a suspension due to an alcohol-related accident will be required to undergo 6 follow-up tests within the first 12 months back on the job.

A commercial driver that is found to be in violation of the above legal limits for alcohol consumption will be subjected to driver disqualification, driver’s license suspension, and may face criminal penalties. A driver found to be in violation of DUI standards may be terminated from employment and have difficulty finding another commercial driving job.

A commercial driver charged with a DUI could have immediate life-altering consequences and should call a Florida Commercial Driver DUI attorney immediately. For over 30 years Malcolm Anthony has been helping people who have been falsely accused of crimes by the police fight for their rights and win. Police officers can be overzealous in making a DUI arrest, poorly trained, or use broken, old, or unreliable equipment to conduct the tests that are relied upon to make the charges against you.

Florida DUI defense attorney Malcolm Anthony understands that police officers make mistakes and can be overzealous when they charge 18-wheeler operators of DUI. If you are a commercial driver and are charged by the police with a Florida DUI call Malcolm Anthony today.

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