DUI Probation Must Be Taken Seriously

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February 17, 2017
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February 23, 2017

DUI Probation Must Be Taken Seriously

Is it possible to get a 15-year prison sentence for stealing a lawn mower? The answer is yes if you are currently free on parole from a 25-year prison sentence stemming from the most serious DUI charges.

In 2009, then 23-year-old and pregnant Alicia Carmack was convicted of DUI causing death and leaving the scene of the accident when she caused the death of James Harms a retired Navy chief petty officer in Gulfport in 2007. Ms. Carmack has been ordered to serve the remaining 15 years of her 25-year sentence being indicted on the unrelated charges of stealing a county lawnmower. The case has not yet gone to trial but the indictment was enough to cause her probation to be revoked.

If you have been released from prison on parole having been convicted of a serious DUI crime be aware that as in the above example the original prison sentence can be reinstated if you violate your parole. You have a lot to lose no matter how insignificant the crime you commit. Being charged with DUI, causing an accident that results in death, and leaving the scene of an accident is the trifecta of Florida traffic violations. Ms. Carmack was originally sentenced to 25 years in the state penitentiary but was released after serving only 5 years. Florida officials are lenient on giving people a second chance but will rarely be foolish enough to grant a third.

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